Teaching Philosophy

I view teaching to be an experience that resembles an intellectual discussion between the mentor and the student. When I think about my objectives, I think about distinct solutions in delivering my message as optimally as I can to the students. This includes the incorporation of new and relevant technology, as well as new methods of learning. I want to foster an environment where students can feel comfortable with computer technology and obtain the advantage they need to becoming professionals. They need to feel that they can question ideas and provide answers to them, using their own creativity and effort. This paves the way to new frontiers of industry and inspires my motivation to teach.

I can’t say all of this and not have some ideas for my teaching methods. I want to:

  1. Create a dynamic classroom. I want my class to be engaged in group work and make the assignments more difficult. The students can delineate on solutions as I oversee the discussion.
  2. Provide technological access. I want to assume that my class will have access to academic resources and subscriptions worldwide.
  3. Evaluate students based on projects instead of exams. Instead of using the standard metric for evaluating student ability through standardized test scores, I want to test the student through a personal research project that counts as a final if done properly and well executed. It will be taught as a practice publication to a scientific journal.

These are just some logistics on how I would achieve my objectives. I can measure my effectiveness by simply looking at how the students have grown in my class. They must do research on a final project that encompasses all of their knowledge on the topic. If they don’t do well, it will show in that grade. There will be multiple tests like this in order to obtain a good scale.

Teaching, in my eyes, is an art of giving. There is a mutual respect of others that develops through mentorship and it drives societies forward. I admire that process and aspire to give to it, as much I can.